Åre Skiweek 2023

The 29th January 2023 we’ll be traveling to Åre for five days of skiing, party and fun!
The means of travel is yet to be decided and will depend on the amount of participants.  We’ll be traveling with  mini buses from Campus Skellefteå early morning Sunday the 29th and return on Thursday the 2th.

So the price  will be 3371 SEK per person (~310 EUR). This includes lodging, rented transport as well as ski passes.

Skiing or snowboard equipment is not included, but can be rented at Åre, or (of course) brought along yourself.

The trip is only for students at Campus Skellefteå (LTU + UMU + YH/HVE) and you have to be 18+.
We only have a total of 33 spots available, so don’t delay!

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