Studentföreningen Campus Skellefteå

The Student Union was founded in 1998, then under the name of FUSKiS. The Unions primary purpose is to create a pleasant environment for students, as well as making sure there is plenty to do aside from studies. Work for SFCS is driven voluntarily and by students at Campus.

The Board

SFCS Board consists of 6 posts; chairman, vice chairman, cashier, vice cashier, info management as well as secretary. A change of board members happens every year at the spring meeting, where every student has a vote.

Where are we

The Student Union is located at STOCK, the corps house at campus. The characteristic wood building was opened in 2009 and is built after japanese blueprints. The locale is often host to a number of events and parties and works as a communal meeting place for students. A number of evening activities also take place here, hosted by SFCS subsections. It's possible to book the corps house for personal use, granted you have a connection to campus.

In the same locale is the student office, open (granted there's staff) three days a week. Here you can among other things buy gym cards, buy tickets for gasques and sittningar, as well as meet the education coordinator. The education coordinator is there for students to make their opinions about their education heard, and can help you if you have questions about your studies.