Piratsittningen 2023

When the ice melts during spring, who knows what the unfrozen tide will bring? Well, WE DO! Skellefteälven is no longer safe as several crews of disgusting, unwashed PIRATES have swam ashore and forced us (by musketpoint) to host a SITTNING in their honour. Will you walk the plank, or come dine with us down at DFC the 29th of April?

The price each pirate must pay to attend this magnanimous event is no less than 200:- shiny doubloons, either at Traversen or  to UBS at Kräftpest HQ Stock. Do this BEFORE the 20th of April or you will get a swift introduction to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Dress up as a pirate and you will be treated as such. Dress up as a Civilian and you will be treated the same <3.16:00 Pre-piracy at stock will commence, and that means BE THERE AT16:00 NOT BEFORE NOR AFTER, Savvy? (Eat a big lunch beforehand, a pirate’s main trait is survival)

18:00 We will sail away to DFC and enjoy the most succulent buffet of the seven seas, a märke worthy of a pirate and finish off with a dessert to rival that of King James III himself.

21:00 We hoist the colors and on M8’s schooner sail from DFC to Traversen at gale speed, wherein we will enjoy great company, cheap rum and loot aplenty. DO NOT leave yer crew hanging, or it might well be YOU who hangs.

01:00 Yo, Ho! Thieves and Beggars, never shall we die! After we have taken traversen for all it is worth, we hoist the colors and sail away one last time for an after-party at none other than STOCK! 

Get ye sea legs moving and sign up here!

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