Student body terms

Student gladly throw around many strange terms, exactly like any other profession. Here you can find some of the sources of confusion, so you can understand what your friends are talking about!


A sittning is a festive event, often a little finer, and gladly with a theme. Sittningar means food, drink and song. Generally it costs to sign up to a sittning. Many of the sittningar on Campus are arranged by Sexmästeriet, but anyone can arrange a sittning!

If you have a fun sittning idea, but are unsure on how to go through with it - don't hesitate to contact LAM, who can bring tips and guidance for a successful sittning.


A gasque is similar to a sittning, but tend to be smaller in scale, and also cheaper. Exactly like sittningar gasques tend to have themes. Examples include the loved crayfish gasque, or the cream enriched semmel gasque!