Student life

Campus Skellefteå has a rich student life, but it is easy to feel foreign at a start. Here you can find the answers to some common questions new students usually have.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact info management - or why not hear with one of the older students?

What is a student overall?

The student overall is the students finest garment. With its surface covered in fun cloth patches the overall is the garment that can best describe you as a person. On the right leg you can find the students nickname, and the program patch on the chest, closest to the heart*, which shows which program the person studies on Campus. Overall sales on Campus are handled by the subsection Mi.F.F.O. and starts right after the studies do.

*) The heart is usually on the left side, but for people with Situs Inversus both the heart and the program patch will be on the opposite side.

Follow up question: what are patches and how do I get one?

Cloth patches are small embroidered patches visible on your overall. They can symbolise a whole bunch of different things; everything from small puns, relatable student stuff and practical tips- or reminders- to symbols of personal value.

Some patches are more rare than others. To decorate your overall with a rare patch is always something to be proud of.

On Campus the subsection Mi.F.F.O for a good chunk of patch- and overall sales. Keep an eye out!

Can I / am I allowed to make my own patches?

Of course! Nobody has a monopoly on patch fabrication or sales - on the contrary it is appreciated to come with new sources of patches. Patches are ordered preferably from Atmax AB, who offer student prices. It is beneficial to limit yourself to around 8 colours, because extra coloured threads come with extra costs.

If you need help you can always contact The Patch Institution.

What is Travven/Traversen?

Traversen (in popular speech; Travven) is the student pub here on Campus. It is a voluntary establishment driven by students for students. Bar teams are put together from voluntary applicants. Sexmästeriet is the subsection responsible for managing Traversen.

Depending on staff Traversen is open on wednesdays, fridays and saturdays. On sunday every other week FiST has a movie showing in the locale and every tuesday BAKA shows anime here.

What is Ultima Thule?

Ultima Thule is LTU:s book of songs, filled to the brim with students favourite songs, celebrations to various professions, to various food and drinks, or expression for whatever mood one may be in!

On Campus Skellefteå the book is available for purchase at the student office at STOCK. Currently the Ultima Thule is occasionally not available on shelves because some songs have been seen by some as inappropriate and demeaning.

A modern version is under development, more info is added as it arrives!

How do I apply to a subsection?

All subsections recruit on their own terms and conditions. These are written in the subsections regulations, which will in short be available under Subsections on this website.

The board is changed every year at the spring meeting. The group in charge of finding a new board is called the Election Arrangers, and is put together so the board doesn't choose its replacements in an unfair and unjust manner.

Keep a lookout on the bulletin boards, Facebook, Discord, or this website to find out when a subsection recruits.

Can I form a subsection?

Yes, but SFCS has strict demands for subsections. it is very important for a newly formed subsection to have something new to bring to the table and isn't too similar to one already established. Subsections have a duty to share their working plans for the year on the autumn meeting, as well as report on how well it's gone on the spring meeting. All subsections must send in a budget to SFCS in corelation to their working plans.

Contact SFCS for more information.