What is the nolleperiod?

The nolleperiod takes place for new students a week and a half before ordinary university studies start. During this time participants will be shown around campus and surrounding area to discover what Skellefteå has to offer.

During the nolleperiod there's an act in place. It is completely optional to participate, but it's an extraordinary chance to get to know both new people and establish contacts. It is also incredibly fun!

What is a phösare?

During the nolleperiod it is the phösare who guides the students into the student life. You can recognise a phösare by their colourful overalls, which always has a phösares nickname on the right leg, as well as a patch with the text Phösare on the chest. Phösare wear funny hats and powerful sunglasses, which they wear to protect their eyes from the sight of an överphösare.

What is an överphösare?

Överphösare are extraordinarily powerful beings, of which little is known. What's clear is that they created both Campus and the phösare, as well as probably your favourite kids shows and most appreciated ice cream.

Överphösare are so powerful the mere sight of them can turn ordinary mortals to stone! That's why it is safest to keep your gaze away from these creatures.

Want to know more?

Go to nollep.se!