What an SFCS membership does for you:

- Lets you enter Traversen during regular opening hours (unless you're guested in)

- Let's you become a core member of a subsection

- Lets you start a subsection

- Lets you become a phösare

- Lets you buy a gym card

- You also support our work!

How you get an SFCS membership

If you're an LTU student and would like to become a member of SFCS, one way to do so is through Teknologkåren. You can buy a membership through this link (choose Off-Campus membership) and afterwards you update your card with the tiny machine at Studenttorget and you should get a nice little mark on there as proof of membership!

If you're not an LTU student, another way to become a member of SFCS is to talk to UBS during STOCKs regular opening hours!